Smart phone systems give you the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of services that will upgrade your company and save you money and time.

The advantages of this system for your company are:

Choose your phone number

You have the possibility to save your current phone numbers when transferring from the old telephone system to the new one, to ensure continuity and maintaining regular contact with your customers. Another option you have in to use 1-800, 1-700 and * numbers or even to purchase additional numbers as needed (buying virtual numbers).   



You build your own incoming menu calls with ease, in any structure you choose, with reference to several extensions as you want. You can change the menu at the touch of a button, with any change that takes place in your business.

Call Router

Your smart phone system includes a sophisticated conversation router. Router calls can be managed so that different routing can be carried out in accordance with days and times. The router forwards calls to certain extensions as defined by the days and hours they are active, and to other extensions when defined that there is no activity in these extensions.  

Multiple Extensions

Your smart phone system enables you to contain the number of extensions you need in any place in the country and the world. All the extensions are ascribed to the same system and you can transfer calls between all the extensions all over the world with no extra charge. The number of extensions available for you is flexible and can be changed every day according to your needs.


Virtual numbers

When your business gets customers from around the world, they can dial a local number as a local call and the call will be transferred directly to you - to any extension you choose in the country or the world.

Fixed Rates

All the extensions you have in the country or abroad, maintain a fixed-cost price to international calls to any destination regardless where the branch is located. Likewise, all the calls that are made in between the extensions do not cost a thing.

Customer Retention

You manage the routing calls as you wish; so, calls that come after working hours or when there is no human response at the office, are turned to mobile numbers and are set as you want.

Call Statistics

Your smart phone system has a wise interface of viewing statistics and their management

Allowing you to see and understand every moment what happens to your phone system in your business, how many calls are answered, how fast, what is the duration of calls, etc. Especially when you are managing a large number of geographically distant offices the smart interface is that allows you to be 'finger on the pulse' In managing your employees.


Managing your employees abroad


Smart interface of your smart phone system allows you to see the activities of your extension phone worldwide. You can see in real time whether the calls are missed and not answered, what the speed of response is and you can even draw calls if needed, or move them to other extensions that can get immediate response.

Call recording

Your smart phone system includes a call recording system that records calls for you as you set, and according to your needs. In addition to custom fit system for filing Recorded file information.

Call center

Call center is a system which you can supervise in cases of multiple incoming and outgoing calls in time frames. The system allows you to monitor in real time the activity of the customer service department, sales and more that deal with many applications or connections in a short time. With this system you see how calls are handled within the time limitation, what the length of each call is, which calls are lengthen than planned and more. You can join as a listener caller in order to supervise that conversations are handle as supposed to.   

Auto answer

 The smart phone system allows you to use the services of the “Distant secretary” through dealing with costumers that apply the system out of working hours or when there is an overload of facing; despite this, the costumer gets the best answer and is not missed. The system records the customer's phone number and returns to it automatically as soon as one of your employees becomes available.

Click to call

The smart phone system allows you to return calls to potential customers that have registered through your site and are interested, instantly and without customer waiting. The system automatically calls the phone number that the customer entered in the site and connects it immediately with the relevant representative.

Call back

Your smart phone system allows customers to choose whether to wait for human response or system call back as soon as a service representative becomes available to speak with them. Good service is extremely important in days of competition for the customer's loyalty through improved service.


Automatic routing client

Your smart phone system recognizes the customer's phone number and connects it directly to his contact person in the company, without having to wait, listen to the menu and choose the appropriate extension. Sometimes the customers themselves do not remember who their contact person is or avoid listening to the menu in this case the service also produces higher efficiency in business – both for you and for your client, when the inevitable handling and transferring calls between extensions is avoided and you reach the correct destination.


Conference Calls

Your smart phone system allows you to maintain any conference call you want. You maintain conference calls with any destination in the world, and with any amount of participants you desire without faults and with high communication quality between all extensions.

Conference Rooms

Your smart phone system allows you to maintain ‘Conference Rooms’ that provides you with several advantages when having a conference call with many participants: the participant dials into the conference room and ‘enters’ a password (this is instead of you calling one by one), oversea participants are given a local number to dial and participates in the call in the rate of local price, the conference call can be recorded and saved securely in the archived for your needs, conference rooms can be managed by an administrator and then the conference does not start until the principal “comes” into the room, the system announces about each participant that was invited and joined the conversation so that the participants know at any given time with whom they are talking with.


Virtual Fax

No more printing unnecessary paperwork, standing in front of the fax machine and dealing with repairing and equipment costs. Your wise phone system receives faxes to the company's computers and also allows sending faxes directly from computers without having to print anything, no need to stand in front of the fax machine and other hassles that can bother your company's efficiency. The system allows you to add virtual fax numbers without limitation, any employee who needs it can us it with his own ​​personal fax box and it will send all faxes belonging to that employee. You can also specify that faxes will arrive directly to any mailbox.



Flexibility removing and adding extensions

The smart phone system allows you to add and delete extensions as needed on a daily basis. If your business is characterized by seasonality and changes in the quantity of employees or calls, you can ask us to delete and add extensions. We perform the change within 24-48 hours, as soon as receiving the message.


Flexibility in adding or removing services

When you use our services, you are not required to purchase the equipment and stay with technologies at a constant level for several years. When using the smart phone system you enjoy technological improvements all the time. We update our phone system services and renew the technologies. Some of them which you get for free as part of your basic package, and some you can purchase in a monthly cost.