Why use PBX on cloud?

Money Saving

Low setup costs and abstention from buying expensive hardware. You will pay only for the service you purchase you can add or remove the amount of extensions on a daily bases according to your needs. You can rent hardware based on your needs. As opposed to buying PBXthat requires a large investment. Buying a local IP PBX consumes you with high maintenance and security.

Credibility and High Quality

Hosted PBX promises high quality connectivity in each call you make all over the world. The hosting of the PBX on the cloud gives you the opportunity to have high bandwidth that exists only in big data centers and they cannot be compared to your office bandwidth. In addition, your small company can enjoy the benefits of features that in the past were saved only for huge concerns.

Geographical Fexibility

If your organization has branches all over the world and you want supervision over incoming and outgoing calls hosted PBX is the best solution for you. Our servers are spread over the globe,which will promise you good connectivity to each of your extension. In addition you will have a smart web system to manage all your extension and get all phone statistics on each branch you have. Local PBX will not give you good connectivity all over the world because the bandwidth in your office is probably not a high bandwidth internet line.


If your organization is influenced by seasons or holidays and you have periods which the number of employees changes; hosted PBX will give you the option to hold the exact number of extension and phone devices that you need. The system can support simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls in the exact number that you ask and the payment will be only for the time you use each feature; as opposed to, an agreement you have with your provider with traditional PBX the amount of extensions and the number of call line channels are fixed and paid in advanced. High bandwidth internet lines are known as very expensive and in most cases even not profitable.

Less Technical Issues

Our servers are high quality and from the leading brands. They are located in leading data centers across the globe. This promises you connectivity that is fully redundantin every call you make. When only the endpoint device is located in your company there is less opportunity for big technical problems and even if there is local problems all your other branches won't be affected by it.

No Hardware Requirements

When the PBX is hosted on the cloud you don’t need to invest money in buying a local PBX. There are no worries about security or maintenance. Local PBX requests high maintenance.


Our systems are fully backup, all your data is backup in at least 2 separate systems. We work with mirroring servers that give you high availability and almost no down time. In local PBX all your data is saved on your local PBX and in case of disasters like fire or floods your PBX can be damaged and you are in a risk of losing all your data. This can cause you a very expensive damage. With our server systems there is no need for worries.


IP PBX maintenanceis expensive because the PBXis exposed to hackers that can make a fraud call. One hackers attack can cost up to thousands of dollars this threat makes the security very important for the company.